Encounter Worship is a place where we want to come together to enter into the presence of our Lord Jesus which we do through a time of sung worship and soaking / resting in His presence.

At the moment this is done via Zoom meeting as we want this to be a time of live, interactive worship, not just something that is streamed and watched passively.

Sadly the current restrictions due to coronavirus do not allow us to meet physically in a way that would allow sung worship, but we hope that one day this will be possible.

What Should I Expect?

We open our Zoom meeting up 15 minutes before we are due to start to allow everyone to connect in, then we will have a time of worship which includes

  • A range of songs including
    • Current praise and worship songs
    • Well-known favourites
    • Hymns
    • New songs
  • Prayers
  • Bible readings
  • A time of soaking – where we
    • Quietly rest in God’s presence
    • Allowing God to move through His Holy Spirit in us
    • Listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to us
    • Have quiet background music and bible verses read out
  • Sometimes we share communion together

Who Can Join?

These times are open to anyone who wants to worship Jesus Christ and Father God. We are not restricted by denomination or geographic location.

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